Falmouth, Dunn’s River Falls & River Tubing Adventure




Your Falmouth River Tubing adventure begins with a short scenic drive to the historic Rio Bueno River, discovered and named the “Good River” by Christopher Columbus and the Spanish in 1494. From there you can get pulled by motorized boat (weather permitting) or take a short walk along the shoreline as the sand hugs your feet and caresses your toes before arriving at the Bengal Beach; have a cool refreshing drink at the bamboo bar, take a swim in the warm ocean water, relax on the beach or journey on a short drive to the historic site where Christopher Columbus first landed in Discovery Bay.

Follow your guide across the swaying “Irie Bridge” for a short hike through the cool rainforest along the riverbank while observing various species of vegetation to the starting point of your Falmouth Jamaica River Tubing adventure. Midway through this aquatic adventure you will have an opportunity to take a breathtaking 20 feet plunge into the deep blue river water while having your photo taken by a member of the attentive White River Tubing staff.

Falmouth River Tubing begins at the same time as the White Water Kayaking, White Water Rafting and River Boarding so individual members of a family or group can choose different activities and go down the river together. Enter the refreshing waters of the Rio Bueno to begin your exciting river tubing journey downstream to the midway stop under the giant bamboo tree. The not so daring can walk alongside and observe the falls and climbers from many entry points; while taking those memorable photographs For those sun lovers; there is a beach located at the base of Dunn’s River Falls where the river meets the ocean.

The thrills begin when you plop down into a tube outfitted with a bottom to begin your breathtaking journey through rushing rapids and placid pools as you continue to drift along the White River which takes approximately 45 minutes. But the best known and most popular tourist attraction in Ocho Rios and all of Jamaica is amazing Dunns river falls. Your Falmouth River Tubing tour lasts approximately 1 hour, depending on the river current and time spent at the midway stop.